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I am a 56 year old woman who first started seeing Dr. Chira in 2018. Before my jaw surgery, my life had gotten to the point where all I knew was pain. It was with me day and night. But really, most of my life I have dealt with headaches, jaw pain, and neck and shoulder pain. I never knew why. Or how to fix it. Of course I tried different things over the years but it wasn't until I met Dr. Chira that I saw a glimmer of hope. And now that I am reaching the end of my healing, I can say it was worth it. Worth my time, my money, and my effort. 


I found that the whole body orthodontic approach was instrumental for me in relearning how my body is supposed to move, feel, and function. Having a team of caring doctors enables me to have more pain-free days. For example: if I have work done on my mouth and suffer headaches after, I then call my physiotherapist for body work and generally find relief. I am now able to live a life that is of my choosing, not dominated by my TMJ. 


In my experience, the whole body orthodontic approach is essential to not only my physical well-being but also gives immense support to my emotional well-being as well. When I was walking a path that was new and daunting and was faced with many uncertainties, resting in the knowledge that I was well cared for and there was a protocol of healing tailored for me was immensely comforting.


To support my therapies and healing, I followed an anti-inflammatory diet, I did physical therapy, acupuncture, dry-needling, massage, pilates, osteopathy, and physiotherapy. At different times, I employed any number of these supports and I feel that they all had their place during my pre and post surgery times. I would encourage others to be open to these different supports. I found that in concert they helped me to sleep better, helped manage my muscle spasms and my migraines. Doing all of these different supporting therapies also helped to promote a general sense of wellness and being in tune with my body helps me pin-point small issues before they escalate to more significant issues.


I would encourage anyone thinking about joining with a team for a whole-body orthodontic approach to find a team that suits them. Find a team that is willing to be invested, willing to go the distance, and most importantly sees you as a person. The other encouragement I have is don't wait, get your life back as soon as you can. When I first saw Dr. Chira, the plan she gave me was a multi-year plan filled with many steps and a surgery that would take me far from my home and cost financially. It was overwhelming but day by day, month by month, year by year, we got it done and here I am, over a year from surgery and I have no regrets except not finding Dr. Chira sooner.  The first day I met Dr. Chira, she promised me that not only could she relieve my pain, she would make me thrive. Without a doubt, she has delivered on that promise. 

These days, I find myself with more energy, stamina, and joy. I can do things that just a short while ago I either would have other attempted or found very difficult. My job is easier. I love to bake and spend time with my family and that is all easier now that I am not in debilitating pain. I recently had my braes taken off and I can tell you there is nothing better than giving your teeth a good brushing! And I can floss, too!

To my team: Dr. Chira and her staff, Dr. McClendon, Dr. Gunson, Dr. Myers, Dr. Thomaselli and all the other professionals who provided me with support, I say "Thank you." My life has been blessed because of you.

-Jennifer S. 


As a result of the whole-body approach to orthodontics, I have learned so much about my teeth, my bite, my smile and proper alignment from lips to toes. With the interconnectedness of the entire body, it makes total sense that if my teeth and jaw are out of alignment the entire body will follow suit. 

As a registered dietician, I started my orthodontic process with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. However, the best diet and exercise program in the world can not treat misaligned teeth, poor jaw structure and the resulting break down of the structure of the teeth. To improve on the healthy foundation of my lifestyle I needed orthodontics, reconstructive dentistry, and jaw surgery. During and after these processes I found physical therapy to help with structural stress that I was not even aware existed. It was this stress that contributed to teeth grinding and tension in my shoulders and jaw. To make the most of the whole body approach to orthodontics, it was also important to continue with strength training, an active lifestyle, yoga, meditation and healthy eating habits. 

There was a reason why I experienced the orthodontic process two times. The first time, I only had my teeth straightened. The second time with Dr. Chira, I gained a whole different awareness and experience. The body is  a whole system and need to be treated as such. Once I realized that the teeth are a tiny piece of an entire system, I knew I needed to literally reframe by expectations. A beautiful smile is so much more than straight teeth. Without this awareness and need to integrate my orthodontics work with my entire body structure, I would soon be right back where I started. Without a change in the shape of my teeth and jaw and without postural awareness, straightening teeth alone would once again only be a temporary fix. 

The whole body approach includes the body, mind and soul. Possibly more emphasis on the mental health aspect; from the decision making process thru the day the braces came off. Enable the patient to really wrap their minds around why they are willing to spend the time, energy and finances on the process. What are the patient's expectations? How are they being met along the way? How do they feel about the change in esthetics that will result?  Prior to my jaw surgery, I was given a computer generated photo of what I would look like post surgery. If available, this might bye extremely beneficial for some people.

I would 100% recommend the whole body approach to orthodontics. I have already seen people who have only gone through the quick "just straighten my teeth" process and from the shape of their jaw and the crowded look of their teeth, I would assume they will be back for orthodontic work. It is only a matter of time for the teeth with the same structural issues to fall back into their old functional patterns.

After coming out of anesthesia from my jaw surgery, Dr. Gunson said, "You made my day!" My bone mass was sufficient and all the work Drs. Chira and McClendon had done had enabled this monumental part of the process to be successful. Today, my teeth come together like perfectly fitting pieces to a puzzle. These teeth are but a puzzle within the puzzle of my entire body's system. 

-Marcia B.


Chira Orthodontics has greatly changed my life for the better. Having braces twice, going through a double jaw surgery and restorative dentistry, Dr. Chira has had the knowledge to guide me though the process with as little hiccups as possible. Everyone in the office is very friendly and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for an Orthodontist.

-Ross W.


A great experience all around! Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. I appreciated that they always explained exactly what they were going to do during my appointments. I love my new smile and Dr Chira’s team, thank you!!

-Camryn P. 


Dr.Chira changed our daughters life!!! Her knowledge and ongoing education has benefited our daughters entire life; sleep, grades, sports, better health.... all due to Dr. Chira. Head to toe... it’s all connected. She looks at each patient as an individual with individual needs. We are so happy and grateful we found her and her AMAZING staff!!!

-Cynthia D. 


When I first went to Chira Orthodondics, I had already finished two years of orthodontic care with a previous Doctor. My teeth were straight, and deemed complete. However I didn’t feel confident in my smile, and I had a lot of discomfort in my jaw. I simply felt these were the cards I was dealt. The idea of having no jaw pain, and an open lip smile wasn’t something I thought I could have. Doctor Chira and her team have truly changed my life. I now not only have a healthy and comfortable smile, I also have one that turns heads. Doctor Chira has taught me that beauty and health go hand in hand. If you are ready to put yourself and your smile first, Chira orthodontics is the first step.

-Halen M. 


I had particularly complex teeth and under Dr. Chira's competent, efficient care they were fixed right up. It's been eight years since my braces came off and my teeth and bite are as healthy as ever. I still go in every couple years to check in and say hello!

-Emma K. 

Chira Orthodontics helped me navigate 3 years of braces, double jaw surgery, and restorative dentistry. This is very complex, and I am so glad Dr. Chira led me through it. Her guidance helped me make the best decisions for my unique situation, and her leadership provided continuity for the various specialists along the way.

I waited to do this review until the entire multi-year process was complete, because I wanted to provide a review about the outcome. I am now about 2 years out of surgery, and 1 year out of braces... the outcome is better than I could have hoped for.

-Jonathan H. 


Dr. Chira is very thorough and knowledgeable. I went through so many wrong pathways and it was not until I landed at Dr. Chira's that I began to experience relief and correct treatment. I waited to do this review until I was completely done with it all - a splint appliance, over 3 years in braces, double jaw surgery, and restorative work. Dr. Chira was with me every step of the way, making sure that I received the best treatment possible. This was after about 3 years getting the incorrect treatment and not experiencing any relief. Going to Dr. Chira was the best possible outcome for me, and I am so glad I ended up at her office.

I would recommend a consult just to gain some direction from her - she is personable and is more than willing to help. My quality of life has improved so much with her and I cannot recommend her advice enough. Very caring and excellent level of treatment!

-Samantha F. 

Dr. Chira and her staff have gone above and beyond to help me reach my health goals. I am so thankful to have a team of people who are willing to take the time I need to go through the process, and make me feel supported the whole way. Your high standards and ability to get to the root cause of symptoms has made a HUGE difference for me and the quality of my life. Keep up the excellent work.

-Amber M. 


Dr. Chira corrected my long-standing jaw, bite, and dental problems with expertise and kindness. There’s no one I would rather have taken the journey with.

-Barbara Y.


I went to Dr. Chira when I had extreme shoulder pain and a physical therapist suggested I go see Dr. Chira. I would definitely recommend coming here for braces, bite problems, treatment of TMJ and any other type of orthodontic services. Dr. Chira is extremely knowledgeable; not only about the jaw and teeth but how they correspond to other parts of the body. Dr. Chira and her staff are kind and compassionate which have made this experience from a splint to braces and surgery more bearable.

-Melissa P.


The reason we came to Dr. Chira was because of the positive referrals.  The reason we stayed with Dr, Chira was because of the excellent care given, in a warm, caring atmosphere.  Dr, Chira even assisted my daughter during several crises when her office was closed.  She and her wonderful staff made us  feel welcome and relaxed, and now that my daughter’s orthodontic treatment is almost finished, we will both miss going to the office!   She took a complicated case and not only gave excellent care, but produced fantastic results, which we will always be reminded of when we see my daughter’s beautiful smile.

-Mary R.


Since my general dentist referred me to Chira Orthodontics due to severe jaw pain and breaking teeth, I have not only gained full function of my jaw, but also confidence in my smile. I came to Dr. Chira as a college senior. Having gone through orthodontic treatment through my elementary and high school years, I was not excited to start the process again; however, Dr. Chira and her staff made me feel supported from day one. I was in so much jaw pain I felt overwhelmed, tired, depressed, and frustrated. Dr. Chira’s thorough exam, treatment plan (including referrals to a physical therapist and an osteopath) gave me comfort to start the orthodontic process again. Dr. Chira’s knowledge and expertise let me know I was in great hands! In my time with Dr. Chira I have gone through splint therapy, braces, jaw surgery (Thank you Dr. Gunson!), periodontics (Thank you Dr. Mac!), and retainers. Dr. Chira, and the team that surround her, felt like family throughout the treatment. They were (and still are) always there for me. It was an incredible journey that has landed me with the ability to bite into an apple again, and show off my smile every chance I get! When so much is riding on your smile you have to be sure the outcomes will be positive and I can’t thank Chira Orthodontics enough for assisting me in getting where I am today!

-Mary M.


Dr. Chira and her staff have provided excellent care for me throughout my orthodontic treatment. Dr. Chira’s initial, thorough and detailed analysis of my case provided a roadmap for my orthodontic care over the course of several years. Dr. Chira and her staff carried me through the roadmap, making adjustments to my care plan along the way whether it was for reasons happening in my mouth or in my life, leading to excellent results: a beautiful smile and overall better health.

I chose to work with Dr. Chira because her philosophy is firmly rooted in the principles of bioesthetic dentistry which aims to achieve optimal functioning of the teeth, jaws, joints, muscles and other soft tissues. Amazingly enough, when the function is optimal, then the beauty of the smile is optimal too! She is looking to balance the whole picture, rather than just straighten teeth.

I also really appreciated Dr. Chira’s holistic and team approach to orthodontics which included working closely with my oral surgeon, and restorative dentist, as well as recommending postural restoration physical therapy and osteopathic manipulative to ease and enhance the changes happening to my teeth and jaws. Through this coordinated team effort, I believe that my orthodontic treatment was better than most and that I achieved superior results. I not only have an amazingly beautiful smile, but my overall health has improved significantly. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Chira and her staff to anyone young or old for wonderful orthodontic care.

-Kerry R.


It has been almost a year since my braces were removed. The whole process and commitment to invest in my dental health and well being through orthodontic care with Dr. Chira has been truly transformational in many aspects of my life. When Dr. Chira explained that the body will constantly search for balance when the teeth are not aligned properly and will even draw energy from other parts of the body, I knew this was happening to me.

My teeth always looked fine enough to me even though I was missing 2 back molars since age of 13 (now in my 40’s). I began to experience severe headaches on a regular basis and thus was diagnosed with TMJ disorder. I learned that my jaw was grinding my teeth while I “slept” looking to find the balanced fit between my upper and lower teeth to no avail.

Today, after 2 and ½ years of orthodontic care with Dr. Chira, I no longer have headaches, I sleep very well at night and look and feel more relaxed than I have in a very long time.

Dr. Chira’s expert understanding of the function/dysfunction of jaw and teeth alignment and how this affects the entire body lead me to put my trust in her professional and meticulous hands. I will be thanking her for years and years to come every time I smile.

-Geraldine V.

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