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Dr. Chira corrected my long-standing jaw, bite, and dental problems with expertise and kindness. There’s no one I would rather have taken the journey with.

-Barbara Young


I went to Dr. Chira when I had extreme shoulder pain and a physical therapist suggested I go see Dr. Chira. I would definitely recommend coming here for braces, bite problems, treatment of TMJ and any other type of orthodontic services. Dr. Chira is extremely knowledgeable; not only about the jaw and teeth but how they correspond to other parts of the body. Dr. Chira and her staff are kind and compassionate which have made this experience from a splint to braces and surgery more bearable.

-Melissa Pompar


The reason we came to Dr. Chira was because of the positive referrals.  The reason we stayed with Dr, Chira was because of the excellent care given, in a warm, caring atmosphere.  Dr, Chira even assisted my daughter during several crises when her office was closed.  She and her wonderful staff made us  feel welcome and relaxed, and now that my daughter’s orthodontic treatment is almost finished, we will both miss going to the office!   She took a complicated case and not only gave excellent care, but produced fantastic results, which we will always be reminded of when we see my daughter’s beautiful smile.

-Mary Riley

Since my general dentist referred me to Chira Orthodontics due to severe jaw pain and breaking teeth, I have not only gained full function of my jaw, but also confidence in my smile. I came to Dr. Chira as a college senior. Having gone through orthodontic treatment through my elementary and high school years, I was not excited to start the process again; however, Dr. Chira and her staff made me feel supported from day one. I was in so much jaw pain I felt overwhelmed, tired, depressed, and frustrated. Dr. Chira’s thorough exam, treatment plan (including referrals to a physical therapist and an osteopath) gave me comfort to start the orthodontic process again. Dr. Chira’s knowledge and expertise let me know I was in great hands! In my time with Dr. Chira I have gone through splint therapy, braces, jaw surgery (Thank you Dr. Gunson!), periodontics (Thank you Dr. Mac!), and retainers. Dr. Chira, and the team that surround her, felt like family throughout the treatment. They were (and still are) always there for me. It was an incredible journey that has landed me with the ability to bite into an apple again, and show off my smile every chance I get! When so much is riding on your smile you have to be sure the outcomes will be positive and I can’t thank Chira Orthodontics enough for assisting me in getting where I am today!


-Mary Marshall


Dr. Chira and her staff have provided excellent care for me throughout my orthodontic treatment. Dr. Chira’s initial, thorough and detailed analysis of my case provided a roadmap for my orthodontic care over the course of several years. Dr. Chira and her staff carried me through the roadmap, making adjustments to my care plan along the way whether it was for reasons happening in my mouth or in my life, leading to excellent results: a beautiful smile and overall better health.

I chose to work with Dr. Chira because her philosophy is firmly rooted in the principles of bioesthetic dentistry which aims to achieve optimal functioning of the teeth, jaws, joints, muscles and other soft tissues. Amazingly enough, when the function is optimal, then the beauty of the smile is optimal too! She is looking to balance the whole picture, rather than just straighten teeth.

I also really appreciated Dr. Chira’s holistic and team approach to orthodontics which included working closely with my oral surgeon, and restorative dentist, as well as recommending postural restoration physical therapy and osteopathic manipulative to ease and enhance the changes happening to my teeth and jaws. Through this coordinated team effort, I believe that my orthodontic treatment was better than most and that I achieved superior results. I not only have an amazingly beautiful smile, but my overall health has improved significantly. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Chira and her staff to anyone young or old for wonderful orthodontic care.

-Kerry Riek

It has been almost a year since my braces were removed. The whole process and commitment to invest in my dental health and well being through orthodontic care with Dr. Chira has been truly transformational in many aspects of my life. When Dr. Chira explained that the body will constantly search for balance when the teeth are not aligned properly and will even draw energy from other parts of the body, I knew this was happening to me.

My teeth always looked fine enough to me even though I was missing 2 back molars since age of 13 (now in my 40’s). I began to experience severe headaches on a regular basis and thus was diagnosed with TMJ disorder. I learned that my jaw was grinding my teeth while I “slept” looking to find the balanced fit between my upper and lower teeth to no avail.

Today, after 2 and ½ years of orthodontic care with Dr. Chira, I no longer have headaches, I sleep very well at night and look and feel more relaxed than I have in a very long time.

Dr. Chira’s expert understanding of the function/dysfunction of jaw and teeth alignment and how this affects the entire body lead me to put my trust in her professional and meticulous hands. I will be thanking her for years and years to come every time I smile.

-Geraldine Villeneuve